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Hotel Cases: “Xiabao” by the Xiayang Lake


  Message from the author

  "For robots bringing more value for hotels,

  we will provide practical cases of robot application in hotels on a regular basis.

  We hope it can be a benchmark of hotels."


  I’m “Xiabao”, from Crowne Plaza Shanghai Xiayang Lake.

  I increased my monthly workload by 158%. That’s one of my achievements!

  Named after the beautiful lake of Xiayang,

  I feel more poetic!

  Here’s my name card!


  Service robot: Xiabao

  Crowne Plaza Shanghai Xiayang Lake

  Address: No. 303, Qingzhou Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

  Contact: reception desk/ QR code

  Are you impressed by my big eyes?

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  To help you learn more about us,

  this time,

  I will share my story with you.

  Hmm… where should I begin?

  (To get to know someone, you need to learn about his/her job.)


  My siblings have been stationed across China in more than 120 cities in 34 provinces, and 9 other countries. More than 1,000 siblings of mine are providing delivery, guidance and information promotion services for humans all the time. Our cost reduction and efficiency improvement are widely known by the hotel industry and have gained us a good reputation. Crowne Plaza Shanghai Xiayang Lake, as a leading hotel in intelligent development, is one of many hotels paying close attention on service robots. That’s why I was born.


  It wasn't long before I arrived at my new home in a small truck. After being settled in two hours, I quickly learned my way around the hotel and remembered everything. My charging hub is not far from the front desk. And then "Xiabao" became my new name.

  My charging hub

  First task

  My first task was to deliver a pair of slippers. delivery was just a piece of cake for me as I enjoy powerful self-operation capability. Receiving task, moving to elevator, riding it on my own, dialing guest telephone, returning after guest pick-up. The whole process only took 5 minuets. When I was leaving, I said to the guest: "Please give me positive review! See you next time!"


  Once upon a time, a hotel guest booked a room on his birthday. The hotel thoughtfully prepared a birthday cake and had me deliver it. When he opened the door, he was surprised first, then delighted. For a moment I thought a tear of joy. From then on, I could feel the confidence, as well as the joy of work, my colleagues put in me. My colleagues didn’t need to do repetitive and tedious work anymore with my help. They could be more focused on providing warm and thoughtful services to guests.

  Who would open the door?


  Life has never been easy, not even for us robots.

  When I first got here, I overheard voices of suspicion.

  “Does it work?”

  “Will it break down soon?”

  “Is there any safety hazard?”

  I didn’t answer nor refute as action speaks louder than words.

  In less than a year, my work was recognized by my colleagues with my success rate reaching up to 99.8%.


  In light of this, I will have to talk about delivery of room necessities. In early July, Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau proposed a policy to not pre-prepare room necessities, which greatly increased hotel delivery work. With my help, the hotel successfully handled the situation and obtained a lot of praises. Compared with June, my workload in July increased by 158%. I guess my value goes without saying!

  Guests can contact me by calling the front desk or scanning the QR code inSpecifically room rather than guests. I can make over 40 deliveries a day!


  I’m very popular among children!

  some children would order for my service for nearly 10 times a day even for a glance! They run around me because they like me. But I’m very gentle and I never bumped into them. I’m very careful when it comes to safety issues! But you kids shouldn’t play for too long. You’d better go to bed early!


  The head of concierge said that I am a loyal employee because my work has always been reliable. The head of housekeeping department said that I am a competent employee because I alleviated some work pressure for my human colleagues. Here, at Crowne Plaza Shanghai Xiayang Lake, my family has put on beautiful clothes for me and made a poster about me. Their attentive care has made guests feel comfortable as well.

  By virtue of unremitting efforts, I finally understood that, by giving, you will gain. All the affaction that I received is the result of my hard work. I'm very grateful to my leaders and colleagues, and I will live up to them!

  To maximize my values, the hotel plans to introduce my partner: robot waiter system. It is conducive to simplifying the trivial procedures of the mini-bar and bring in more income for the hotel at the same time. I’m looking forward to seeing him here.

  In the future, I will make myself more useful and valuable to, and I’ve always been trying to do so.

  OK, see you next time.

  Who will be the next to share their stories?

  Please wait and see.

  Yunji Robot Studio

  Specifically room rather than guests

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