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Evolving Hotel Service Robot: More Than Just Delivery


The Commercial Development of Hotel Service Robots 

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology,hotel service robot shave gradually become a focus of attention in the business field. However, the level of intelligence, mobility, and simulation is not the only criterion for measuring the commercialization of hotel service robots. On the contrary, the key lies in its ability to address pain points in specific scenarios and its impact on the cost of job replacement.

"There are two important criteria for whether a scenario is suitable for robot use: first, the duration of the scenario is long enough, and second, the service duration is long enough. For example, places like hotels and hospitals that need to provide 24-hour service are very suitable for robot service scenarios," said Li Quanyin, CPO of Yunji Technology.

However, the promotion of hotel service robots in complex application scenarios is not easy. The addition of robots may lead to collaboration problems, conflicts between hotel traffic and robots, and diminishing marginal utility may hinder the penetration of the scenario.

Composite Application and Cost Challenges of Hotel Service Robots

In hotel application scenarios, Yunji robots adopt an innovative solution of separate robots + robot ecosystem service platform UPStore. The separate robot UP has the characteristics of "multi-function and multi-time reuse," not only adding functions such as cleaning, cruising, disinfection, and spraying fragrance on the basis of delivering items, but also increasing the frequency of robot usage by reducing the cost of purchasing robots. Hotels only need to purchase a UP robot chassis and match it with the required robot cabin to meet the needs of different tasks.

Ideally, the limited hotel service robots can complete various tasks in different time periods, achieving comprehensive service output. For example, according to the hotel's different time needs, robots can deliver breakfast/utensils in the morning, do room linen in the morning, deliver takeout at noon, clean public areas in the afternoon, and deliver guests in the evening. This collaboration model allows robots to break free from the restrictions of peak and off-peak flow and demand periods.

The core of this innovative solution lies in the "open UP chassis and detachable functional kits" and a powerful intelligent decision center. This integrated design maximizes the diversity of customer terminal requirements and takes into account the requirements of cost-effectiveness. CloudWalk Technology's product design not only considers functionality, performance, usability, and ease of use but also focuses on matching prices and value, dedicated to providing users with the best cost-effective products.

Hotel Service Robots: Technological Innovation and Cost Control

In the field of hotel service robots, cost has always been a significant challenge. Yunji Technology continuously iterates the key factors of the product through a deep understanding of the upstream supply chain and technological pathways. The battery life has increased by 30%, the number of charge and discharge cycles has tripled, and technological innovations such as battery management systems and temperature control chips make the robots safer and more reliable. In addition, the open design of the UP chassis allows for better cost control, making the commercial application of robots more attractive.

"Our product design generally considers functionality, performance, usability, ease of use, and cost. What users want is a product with the best cost-effectiveness, a product that matches price and value. The most expensive part of the UP robot is the motion sensor navigation. We have abstracted the most valuable part into a UP platform, which allows us to control the cost of the robot well," emphasized Li Quanyin.

By continuously optimizing technology and improving product performance, Yunji Technology's hotel service robots are gradually being applied in various industries. The UP service platform has cooperated with multiple robot companies and has been put into use in factories, hospitals, office buildings, and other scenarios. The evolution of hotel service robots is not only technological progress but also innovative business models, providing customers with more flexible, efficient, and economical solutions.

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