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Hotel AI Large Model | Yunji Technology's Hotel GPT Debuts at Hotel Digital Development Summit


On October 27th, the "2023 Hotel Accommodation and Catering Industry Digital Development Summit" was successfully held in Ningbo, organized by the Digitalization Special Committee of the China Hotel Association. The conference, co-hosted by the Zhejiang Catering Industry Association, Licheng Group, China Mobile, Future Home Technology, Yunji Technology, Qiming Xingchen, and other enterprises, brought together over 200 representatives from hotel groups, digital technology companies, and industry experts for thematic sharing and roundtable discussions on the application and exploration of digitization in the hotel accommodation and catering industry.

Simultaneously, the conference delved into discussions on the "Digital Hotel Operation Service Standard" group standard, providing theoretical support for the industry's standardization and normalization.

Yunji Technology, as a co-organizer, participated in the event and conducted a thematic presentation. It also hosted a joint press conference with five other companies, including "Hotel GPT" – a large model product, "Digital Store Manager" from China Lodging Group, "Tonghui" from Zhonghui Technology, "Miaoyan" from Huiyi Technology, and "Maidian AI Assistant" from Damaidian. This "Hotel AI Large Model" press conference garnered significant attention from industry peers.

HDOS 2.0 New Solutions for Hotel Accommodation Service Robotics

The development of digitization has propelled robots into the 3.0 era, providing direction for the digital transformation and development of hotels.

Li Quanyin, CPO of  Yunji Technology, shared thoughts on robots in the hotel industry during the conference. He stated, "The essence of robots is service. Yunji Technology focuses on hotel scenarios, continuously improving robot perception and cognitive abilities to meet the high-quality service needs of guests and hotels. The new generation multi-functional service robotics UP, using GPT technology in conjunction with the HDOS 2.0 digital solution, has realized the iteration from 'service robotics' to 'robotics service,' helping hotels enhance user experience and management efficiency, bringing more imagination to hotel digitization services."


Yunji Technology Chief Product Officer, Li Quanyin

The standout feature of the multi-functional modular robot UP is its "one machine, multiple functions, and time-sharing reuse." It can perform various functions such as cleaning, patrol, disinfection, and fragrance spraying in addition to the original delivery robot capabilities. Moreover, it achieves 7*24 time-sharing and task-sharing, increasing the frequency of robot usage.

Hotels only need to purchase one UP robot chassis and add the required compartments to allow the robot to complete specific tasks. For example, from 7:00-9:00, the robot can deliver breakfast/clean up; from 9:00-11:00, it can handle room linen; from 11:00-14:00, it can deliver takeout; from 15:00-17:00, it can clean public areas, and from 22:00-24:00, it can assist guests, among other tasks. The robot collaborates to complete tasks based on different time needs.


Yunji Technology Multi-functional Robot UP

Yunji Technology's service robotics cover over 20,000 hotels nationwide, serving a cumulative total of 500 million people. With a strong application foundation, Cloud Trace Technology continuously improves its robot services with enhanced climbing ability, flexible obstacle avoidance, intelligent scheduling capabilities, and professional operation deployment, gaining more recognition in the field.

Hotel GPT  A New Model for Hotel Robots Services

Supporting Tao Zhi, Founder and CEO of Yunji Technology, served as the vice chairman of the roundtable forum at the China Hotel Association's Digitalization Professional Committee. The forum discussed the impact of digitalization on the hotel catering industry, initiating interactive voting on the future signs of hotel digitization. Cloud Trace Technology's large model "Hotel GPT" provided real-time refinement and presentation of viewpoints during the discussion, receiving unanimous praise from the onsite guests.

As one of Yunji Technology's significant achievements in the field of large models, the independently developed GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) for the hotel industry—Hotel GPT—won the "Hotel AI Large Model" Innovation Award in the Chinese hotel accommodation industry.


Hotel GPT enhances the intelligence, practicality, and user experience of service robotics, improving the efficiency of robot product development, deployment, and after-sales services. It can also integrate hotel SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) as an external knowledge base, bringing more intelligent AI service roles such as AI service attendants, AI trainers, AI document writers, and AI security officers into hotel service scenarios, contributing to cost reduction, quality improvement, and efficiency enhancement for hotels.

YunjiTechnology has established a Digitalization Research Institute in collaboration with experts, scholars, and technical elites from renowned domestic and international universities and enterprises. The institute will delve into five dimensions: intelligent engine base, industry-enhanced training, security, trustworthiness, and control, universal openness and sharing, and smart professional efficiency. This initiative aims to promote the development and application of large model technology in the hotel industry and contribute to the industry.

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