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Yunji Robot in Zhejiang Digital Construction in Hotel Industry Promotion Conference, Facilitating Digital Upgrade in Hotel Industry



  From August 5th to 6th, the 2021 Zhejiang Digital Construction in Hotel Industry Promotion Conference and Hotel Digital Application Exhibition, organized by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and sponsored by Zhejiang Hotel Association, opened in Hangzhou New Century Mingdu Hotel.

  In the conference, Yunji robots played the role of official designated service robot, provided services for leaders in Zhejiang Provincial government, hotel practitioners and other guests.


  Themed with “digital transformation, innovation development, technology empowerment, smart future”, this conference reviewed Zhejiang hotel industry’s work in digital transformation and in the direction of high quality and high level development of Zhejiang hotel industry,, which demonstrated Zhejiang hotel industry’s digital construction and the rich connotation and aspiring visions of Zhejiang hotel industry’s development, contributing industrial synergy in building a “digital Zhejiang”.

  In the conference, Yunji service robot “Run” arranged “contactless reception” for all attending guests. “Run” has been gifted with stylish appearance, high intelligence, cute personality and functions such as independent elevator-riding, stable obstacle-avoidance, automatic return to charging-hub. Also it enjoys unanimous praise from leaders in Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, partners in hotel industry and other attending guests.


  “Run” waiting to provide “contactless reception” for conference attendants

  Recently, the service robot market has witnessed a peak of development in recent years with the development of science and technology and the popularization of intelligent products.

  According to data from the Chinese Institute of Electronics, from 2018 to 2020, the service robot industry has been growing steadily. In 2020, the market scale reached RMB 71.19 billion. The number of service robots grew exponentially, empowering digital construction in the hotel industry.


  2021 Zhejiang Digital Construction in Hotel Industry Promotion Conference and Hotel Digital Application Exhibition

  Xu Shuzuo, Party Member, Deputy Director, First-level Inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, making important remarks on the conference

  Xu Shuzuo, a Party Member, Deputy Director, First-level Inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, proposed the following requirements on the conference: the hotel industry should focus on reform, strengthen digital management, and create "the second growth curve" of high-quality development. In the current situation, hotels should reform in management mode, make scientific decisions by digital means, and improve management by means of technologies; reshape the operation mode, combine online marketing with offline service, and accumulate consumer behavior data through the whole operation process to effectively reach consumers and satisfy their demands; reconstruct marketing system, utilize big data to generate multi-dimensional consumer portraits, build membership system, develop "private domain" economy.

  According to various government leaders and stakeholders’ judgement on the changes in the hotel industry and future technological trend, robust growth in science and technology is the strategic support for national development. AI, as a critical driving force in the new round of scientific and technological revolution, is promoting reform in domestic hotel industry. Comprehensively promoting hotel digitalization and accelerating the implementation of digital application are key to improve service quality, operation efficiency and development momentum within the hotel industry.

  During the two-day conference, Yunji Technology not only demonstrated professional hotel service robot “Run”, offering attendants the chance to experience intelligent robots for the powerful functions and convenient service, but also presented Hotel Digital Operation System (HDOS), thereby attracting every guest’s attention.

  Guest learning about HDOS at Yunji’s booth

  Yunji HDOS can complete tasks such as AI answering telephone inquiries, smart assignment of service tasks, pick-up and drop-off service of robots and intelligent vending machines. This is a substantial contribution to reconstruct hotel service process and reduce 90% repetitive work, thus realizing comprehensive hotel service digitalization and operation decisions guidance. Besides, HDOS perfectly matches manpower, materials and information, thereby driving data to promote growth and management, satisfying all kinds of guest needs. Hence, becoming a key link for hotels to upgrade guest experience.

  In the future, Yunji Technology will continue to engage in technological innovation and provide intelligent and digital strategy support for the government and enterprises to upgrade the hotel industry centering on high-quality and high-level hotel development. With the policy support from Zhejiang Provincial government and the subsequent the trend of digitalization of Zhejiang hotels, Yunji Technology is bound to contribute to the high-quality construction and development of the hotel industry under the concept of "Digital Zhejiang".

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