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After Work Resumption: Yunji Robot under Media Spotlight


  “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” This quote from the Shawshank Redemption is what cures us during the pandemic.

  Yunji Technology fulfills its slogan of “Yunji robots, en route to your happiness” by taking concrete actions and guaranteeing the safety in hotels and buildings in the post-pandemic era.

  In this special time, a 24/7 standby contactless robot waiter has made Han Qingzi, “grounded” in a hotel in a reality show, feel that everything is just perfect!

  Yunji robots: facilitating the recovery of the hotel industry

  Given that robots help reduce interpersonal contact, the use of robots in this special time allows hotels to strike a balance between "quality service" and "epidemic protection".

  A robot can perform nine service tasks: building disinfection, contactless shopping, hygiene promotion, house-keeping, supply/food delivery, hotel food delivery, guiding service, security patrol, and even emotional care. No matter how the external environment changes, the convenience of service robot remains all the same.

  A hotel manager said:

  The "contactless service" provided by the robot during COVID-19 can minimize human contact, which is safe for both hotel staff and guests. Robots can increase the sense of security for guests both in application value and emotional comfort.

  These robots play an important role in OTA ratings, returning rate, recommendation rate. In the under-staffed situation when COVID-19 was relatively controlled and people started to get back to work, robots’ non-stop work greatly relieved the work pressure for hotels. Also, after big-scale work resumption, some of our staff had trouble in showing up to work on time as well. So, the robots shouldered most repetitive and tedious work, which can improve hotel's overall work efficiency.

  The use of robots increased hotel's capability to resist risks, and adds a touch of color for hotels in the wake of COVID-19.

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  Robots of Yunji contribute to epidemic control & work resumption

  In this special period, office buildings with a large number of people are under mounting operation pressure. As a result, many office buildings have chosen Yunji's contactless service.

  1. Elevator buttons are prone to cause contact risks

  Through the contactless applet, people can scan a QR code to control elevators, which ensured safety in elevator-riding.

  2. Divert people and avoid mass gatherings in lunch/dinner time.

  People can scan a QR code to order food on Yunji’s online platform. The order will be processed and sent to the cafeteria for preparation. The robot will pick up the food and deliver to designated place and notify the customer.

  3. High-frequency disinfection of public areas in buildings is consuming.

  Yunji disinfection robot can load 13L disinfectant, and conduct timed and all-round disinfection in fixed points on different floors for 8 consecutive hours. The coverage are 4000-5000m². The staff only need to control it remotely from the app.

  An office worker said:

  “Using Yunji elevator applet can avoid touching elevator buttons and reduce risk. Now we can use the elevator feeling assured. And during lunch hours, we can order online and the robot will deliver for us, guaranteeing safety and avoiding the gathering of going downstairs around the same time.”

  A cafeteria manager said:

  “Using Yunji contactless delivery robot provides a statistic basis for the cafeteria’s operation. Now we don’t need to worry about insufficient or surplus procurement. Before the robots were stationed, we needed arrange an employee with a cart to deliver food floor by floor. But, now the understaffed situation has been significantly alleviated.”

  An office building manager said:

  “Disinfection in public areas is often very consuming. Disinfection of all areas requires 1-2 staff and takes 3-5 hours. In light of dense crowd during the day, we needed to disinfect in the evening. This kind of overwork damaged the immunity of our staff. To this end, we need the help of technology, so Yunji disinfection robots are deployed here to ensure the disinfection frequency, and relieves human labor.”

  In the wake of the pandemic, most office buildings have resumed operation. Yunji robots guaranteed the smooth work resumption in a safe environment, attracting a number of media’s interview and report.

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  “Yunji robot, en route to your happiness.”

  For Yunji, this is not only a slogan.

  But the intensive research in technology and product application that Yunji is dedicated to.

  No matter how the outside world changes,

  Yunji will always strive to improve human lives by robots.

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