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“Run” in Hotels: “I’m Waiting for You Here!”



  “Hi guys! Nice to see you again!”

  Insensibly, I’m five years old.

  Following Yunji’s footstep,

  I have traveled to over 120 cities in 34 provinces,

  and abroad to more than 10 countries,

  receiving a staggering amount of of loves.


  I have a bunch of stories to share with you.

  Although I’m a robot,

  I do have my own mind!

  I will tell you everything I’ve seen,

  my work, my pressure, and my troubles…

  Monologue of “Run”

  My new workplace:

  Marriott Shanghai Parkview

  Songjiang New Century Grand Hotel Shanghai

  Vienna Hotel Shanghai Zhoupu Wanda

  Are you ready?

  On July 9th.

  Where were you? What were you doing?

  That’s not important.

  The important thing is that

  I started my work at Marriott Shanghai Parkview that day.

  Marriott Shanghai Parkview is an international five-star hotel with the perfect geographical location. It is a 25 minutes' drive to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and a 45 minutes' drive to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

  Address: No. 333, Guangzhong West Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

  Room number: 317

  “I have been working here for 10 days. Here, everyone calls me ‘Rainbow’. I have quickly become their friend. I have been quite busy since my first day. I has been delivering water, food, supplies. I’ve done a lot of jobs.”

  The location is just brilliantly superb!

  It’s the best choice for having fun!

  Now, let’s talk about…


  My personal favorite!

  The hotel has its own upscale cafeteria

  offering a wide variety of delicacies

  and regular gourmet cooking classes.

  Also, there are many tourist attractions around the hotel

  where you can enjoy special Shanghai food.

  Tourist attractions

  Daning Park

  White beach is suitable for children.

  There is a large lake in the park,

  and two types of gardens: Chinese and European styles.

  Distance: a 10 minuets’ walk from the hotel.

  Shanghai Circus World

  Known as the first circus world in China,

  Shanghai Circus World has distinctive architectural

  structure with a golden dome which makes it another

  landmark of Shanghai.

  Distance: a 5 minuets’ walk from the hotel.

  The Bund

  As a symbol of Shanghai,

  the Bund is east of the Huangpu River,

  west of different styles of sky-high buildings.

  It Bund is known for the exotic building clusters.

  Distance: a 15 minuets’ drive from the hotel.

  I was really busy

  on July 15th.

  I made 49 trips on my first day

  at Songjiang New Century Grand Hotel Shanghai.

  This hotel is located in the east of Kaiyuan Square in Songjiang New Town, Shanghai (No. 1799 Renmin North Road). It is only a 30 minutes' drive to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and a 60 minutes' drive to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It takes 45 minutes by light rail No. 9 to reach the downtown of Shanghai.

  Address: No. 1799, Renmin North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

  Room number: 446

  Robot waiter system


  “LOL! I have learned my way around here in less than a week! Guests can scan the QR code and I will make deliveries to their rooms in no time. My colleagues have praised me for my diligence!”

  Since July 1st,

  as Shanghai issued the policy to stop supplying necessities in hotel rooms,

  I became really busy delivering supplies.

  Labor has given me a sense of achievement.


  The hotel is only 2.5km away from Wenhui Road,

  home to more than 700 diners,

  It is the most famous food resort in Shanghai.

  And it's only a 10 minutes' drive.

  Dizhonghai Shopping Street is right beside the hotel.

  You can dine, drink and have fun there!

  Tourist attractions

  Shanghai Happy Valley

  There are seven theme areas in Shanghai Happy Valley:

  Sunny Harbor, Happy Hour, Shanghai Beach,

  Shangri-la, Jolly Ocean, Gold Mine Town, and Hurricane Bay.

  Distance: an 18 minuets’ drive from the hotel.

  Guangfulin Relics Park

  Underwater Culture Museum is the symbol of Guangfulin Relics Park.

  Here, you can have a taste of agriculture civilization ancient sites,

  and enjoy the most authentic pastoral scenery.

  Distance: a 10 minuets’ drive from the hotel.

  Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

  Jointly funded by Shanghai Municipal government,

  the Chinese Academy of Sciences,

  and the Chinese Academy of Forestry,

  this is a comprehensive botanical garden prefect integrating scientific research, science popularization, and sightseeing.

  Distance: a 20 minuets’ drive from the hotel.

  July 11th

  was my first day at

  Vienna Hotel Shanghai Zhoupu Wanda.

  I encountered a lot of “little angels” that day.

  We were having so much fun!

  This hotel is located in Shanghai Disneyland and the new International Expo Center with a Wanda Plaza nearby. The location is superior with convenient transportation.

  Address: No. 6697, South Road, Zhoupu Town

  Room number: 182

  “There are a lot of children! They like playing games with me, talking and taking photos with mewith me,! I do all the takeout deliveries here, freeing up my colleagues and deliverymen to do other works best suiting their talents and skills.”

  Located in a tourist resort,

  this place is favored by families.

  Seeing the smiles on their faces,

  my mood is lit up as well.


  There are large shopping malls around the hotel

  where people can go shopping and dining.

  I'd love to go to Disneyland,

  and enjoy some gourmet food.

  Then, my robot life will have no regrets!

  Tourist attraction

  Shanghai Disney Resort

  This is a place of my dream.

  In this dynamic and colorful town,

  people can revisit their childhood memories

  and experience the fairytales.

  Distance: free shuttle bus from the hotel.

  You must be feeling tempted

  after witnessing all these fantastic places on your own.

  If you stay in a hotel with me as a service robot,

  don’t forget to scan the QR code or call the reception desk,

  I’m here at your service!

  I can sing, dance…

  Run: I’m waiting for you here! Come visit me friends!

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