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AI Embarks on the Era of Grand Models: Yunji Technology Triumphantly Solves the Conundrum of Big Data in Robot Services

  On September 8th,Yunji Technology,a pioneering force in the realm of commercial robotics in China,convened the"Global Debut of Yunji UP Service Platform"event.Themed around"Iteration,Reconstruction,and Symbiosis,"this gathering saw the presence of over 20 enterprise founders,more than 50 general managers from esteemed high-star hotels in Shanghai,100+CEOs representing hotel groups and brands,and 200+luminaries from the hotel industry.Together,they embarked on a profound exploration of the evolution of the commercial robotics industry and the digital transformation of the hotel sector within the surging tide of China's technological landscape.

  Established in 2014,Yunji Technology has risen as a global leader in the commercial service robot domain.To date,the company has accumulated an impressive portfolio of more than 2200 patented technologies and copyrights.It has cultivated partnerships with over 120 hotel brands and ecological collaborators spanning 40+countries worldwide,providing its robust services to a staggering 500 million+individuals.This substantial contribution has played a pivotal role in propelling the digital evolution of the hotel industry.Yunji blazed a trail by immersing itself in the hotel setting and discerning the genuine needs of hotel operators and guests alike.This relentless pursuit of excellence has led to the exploration of diverse service scenarios for delivery robots,evolving from the single-bin delivery robot"Run"to its dual-bin counterpart''Gege''and ultimately to the split-type robot"UP.Yunji's unwavering commitment to expanding the value of robotic services remains at the forefront of innovation in this industry.

  Harnessing AI Grand Model Technology:Transitioning from"Service Robots"to"Robotic Services"

  The digital revolution has propelled robots into the era of 3.0.Zhitao,the founder and CEO of Yunji Technology,has embraced a fresh perspective on the business model:the primary purpose of robots is to create happiness for humanity,emphasizing their fundamental role as service providers.Yunji Technology,evolving from a"robot manufacturer"to a"robotic service platform,"is now pioneering high-quality digital services in the hotel industry,unlocking a plethora of innovative service possibilities.

  Yunji Technology has taken the lead in introducing the HDOS Robot Service System,a comprehensive digitized solution for the hotel industry that seamlessly integrates guest needs,robot functionalities,and hotel operations.This three-pronged approach encompasses demand digitization,task assignment digitization,and operator digitization.Demand digitization amalgamates check-in requisites such as self-service check-in machines,elevators,and door locks,as well as in-stay needs like telephones,sound systems,laundry services,and deliveries,into a cohesive digital framework.Task assignment digitization leverages artificial intelligence to convert orders and efficiently allocate tasks while recording feedback and evaluations.This data-driven approach enables the optimization of hotel staff schedules,refinement of service details through aggregated information consultations,and enhancement of the"HDOS Happiness Index"for hotel operations through analyses of repair requests,inventory management,and communication practices.

  In the realm of artificial intelligence,Yunji Technology has pioneered a series of cutting-edge technologies tailored for robot service scenarios.These include deep learning machine vision for dynamic obstacle avoidance,multimodal intelligent interactions,knowledge graph contextualization,and semantic comprehension.These innovations have continuously elevated the fluidity,safety,and user interaction experience in robot operations.In concert with the current era of large-scale models and GPT technology,leveraging foundational open-source language models and visual models,Yunji Technology has autonomously developed HotelGPT,a specialized AI for the hospitality industry.This includes AI service attendants,AI trainers,AI clerks,AI security personnel,and other roles,ushering in heightened intelligence within hotel service scenarios,resulting in cost reduction and enhanced efficiency.In the future,Yunji envisions the application of a broader spectrum of AI technologies within robot service systems,facilitating embodied AI and cloud-based AI cognition.

  Breaking Down Information Silos:Transitioning from"Hotel Scene Coordination"to"Man-Machine Coordination"

  The introduction of the"UP Service Platform"is designed to facilitate the digitization transformation of hotels across three critical dimensions.Firstly,the split-type robot UP resolves quality enhancement,cost reduction,and efficiency amplification.Secondly,the robotic ecosystem service platform UPStore addresses the issue of information silos.Thirdly,the Robot Service Happiness Index(UPtime)revolutionizes the valuation method for robotic services.The future of robotic services transcends the realm of mere products;it embodies a service philosophy rooted in demand scenarios.Robots are poised to provide humanity not only with meticulous standard services but also proactive,customer-centric services,surpassing expectations with personalized offerings.

  During the press conference,Li Quanyin,the Senior Vice President of Yunji Technology,masterfully portrayed UP's role in"A Hotel's 24 Hours"and"A Day in the Life of a Robot"through a captivating stage performance.Distinguished representatives from the new retail enterprise,"Chi Forest,"the renowned retail chain brand,"Bianlifeng,"the chip research and development pioneers,"UNISOC"and"ORBBEC,"along with founders and executives from 14 robotics enterprises spanning factories,healthcare,restaurants,parks,and various other scenarios,took the stage to share insights into UP's value in product development and scene applications.

  Photo:Li Quanyin,Senior Vice President of Yunji Technology,

  Digital progress will place a significant emphasis on three key digital indices.Firstly,the index for efficient management of digital reports;secondly,the demographic dividend index for robotic teams;and thirdly,the digital operational index for HDOS business.The Yunji UP service platform is not a mere product but a versatile form,serving as a platform that provides solutions across the aforementioned indices.It has successfully shattered the barriers of information isolation through its triumphant experiences within the hotel industry.It has not only enabled seamless coordination across multiple scenarios within the hotel landscape but has also fostered greater synergy in the man-machine ecosystem.

  Broaden service value of commercial robots based on demand scenarios

  In China,the hotel industry is a colossal entity.Presently,the market for intelligent room upgrades in hotels has surged past the$100 billion mark,and the smart hotel sector continues to grow at an annual rate of around 20%.It is evident that the intelligent transformation of hotels has become an imperative for the industry,indicative of its vast untapped market potential.As a seasoned player in the field of hotel service robotics,Yunji,leveraging its formidable AI and big data foundation cultivated through extensive service scenarios,persistently enhances its product offerings and services while effectively expanding the service ecosystem of its commercial robots.

  Amidst the disruptive influence of emerging technologies such as big data,cloud computing,the Internet of Things,and artificial intelligence on the traditional paradigms of production,operations,and service in various industries,there is also a discernible shift in consumer consumption patterns and preferences.The future landscape of robot collaboration is poised to encompass a multitude of industries,and the intrinsic service value of robots will continue to escalate,rendering its market potential too significant to be underestimated.According to pertinent data,the Chinese service robot market is projected to reach¥75.18 billion by 2023 and is expected to soar to¥187.2 billion by 2027.

  Photo:Yuni product exhibition at the press conference

  Transitioning from scene coordination to ecological synergy,Yunji Technology embarked on its journey by carving out a niche market within the hotel sector and steadfastly contributing to the digitization transformation of hotels.The recent introduction of the UP Service Platform model signifies an expansion of connections within various industry ecosystems,thereby creating a plethora of new possibilities for robot services.This accomplishment reaffirms Yunji's pioneering status in the realm of Chinese commercial robotics.Meanwhile,on the international stage,Yunji Technology has successfully extended its operations to regions such as Japan,South Korea,North America,and the Middle East.In the future,Yunji will remain unwavering in its commitment to driving innovation from the vantage point of application requirements,consistently refining its products and service models,and infusing fresh momentum into the evolution of China's robotics industry as well as the global deployment of commercial service robots.
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