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Global Travel Information Wisdom Forum Xi'an Station, Yunji Robot Exhibition "Intelligent Service" Internal Skills.


Recently, Yunji Technology brought its dual-cabin service robot "Gege" to the 2022 Global Travel Information Innovation Forum (DIC) in Xi'an, showcasing the application scenarios and cases of hotel robots in over 10,000 hotels across the country. It demonstrated how to incorporate the intelligent technology of service robots into the hotel accommodation service process, promote the digitization of hotel accommodation, help the hotel industry reduce costs and improve efficiency, and drive the industry's rejuvenation.

Hotel Robot Service Optimization: Unmanned and Efficient Execution

Guests' needs in their rooms can be divided into three categories: delivery/service, information consultation, and complaints, totaling more than 1000 types of intentions. These three types of needs can be sent to different executive roles through the HDOS cloud brain.

Delivery tasks are prioritized and sent to robots and automatic warehouses, service tasks are sent to the corresponding floor's room attendants, consultation tasks are directly answered by AI, and complaints are handled manually.

The intelligent voice recognition rate of Yunji AI is as high as 95%. Among customer phone demands, 95% of delivery demands are completed by delivery robots and intelligent automatic warehouses, saving the hotel 90% of the work in answering calls, answering inquiries, and running errands.

Hotel Robot Data Analysis: Guiding Refined Operations

In the 1.0 era, most of the management of the in-room stage relied on managers' personal experience and intuition, but the refinement of hotel operations inevitably requires scientific data guidance. HDOS collects data throughout the in-room process and forms summary reports on in-room service analysis, pre-complaint statistics, service quality analysis, customer inquiry/care problem statistics, etc.

Through a series of data feedbacks, it guides hotels to improve their operational management capabilities and service quality. The more data feedback and analysis, the more operators understand customers. These data will greatly enhance the hotel's service capabilities and become an important asset. Data not only guides hotels in refined operations but also brings rapid iteration of hotel services.

In the past, hotels may have reviewed their operations once a week or once a month. Now, digital real-time feedback allows hotels to evaluate their performance on a daily basis. The higher the degree of digitization, the stronger the personalization of customer consumption, and the hotel needs to maintain an accelerated service optimization iteration to maintain its competitive edge.

Hotel Robot In-Room Service Closed-Loop: Upgrading of Digital Guest Experience

Under the unified dispatch of the HDOS cloud brain, customer phone demands can be answered in 1 second, with real-time replies, and the robots and intelligent automatic warehouses can automatically deliver goods in 3 minutes.

HDOS brings instant, autonomous, diverse, and appropriate service experiences to hotel guests, achieving 24/7 coverage of in-room services and helping hotels save time and manpower for better personalized customer service.

Prior to obtaining the digital solution for in-room hotel services, front desk staff dealing with check-in and check-out during peak periods now have more time to provide warm services to customers: while customers wait in line, service staff offer them tea, introduce nearby attractions, recommend in-room service mini-programs, and guide customers to experience intelligent check-in services. The deep integration of hotels and artificial intelligence undoubtedly brings new imagination to the digital transformation of hotels.

At present, Yunji Technology's robots have launched the "efficient assistance to enhance hotel digital operation" mode by integrating AI technology, software and hardware, and IoT devices into hotel operation and service processes. It uses data-driven refined in-room service operations, reduces or transfers costs, improves in-room service efficiency, upgrades the guest service experience, and embarks on a continuous journey with all parties.

Yunji Technology will continue to apply high-quality robot products and deepen the application of intelligent technology and services in the hotel industry, work with more ecological partners to empower the industry, and jointly embrace the digital future with "intelligence and service capabilities".

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