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Landison Tourism Group: The First Wave of Technology-enabled Hotels


Innovation that keeps pace with the times is a necessary measure for the sustainable development of an enterprise. The Landison Tourism Group, which is at the forefront of the industry, has effectively improved the efficiency and quality of manufacturing and processing, and continuously explored new digital and intelligent hotels in the future and established a complete digital and intelligent ecosystem.

1. Robots in hotel industry follow the trend and keep pace with the times

With the development of the times, digital life is gradually entering our side, and consumers are no longer satisfied with the services and experience of traditional hotels. Faced with such a market environment, Landison Tourism Group took the lead in empowering hotels with technology and bringing new experiences brought by digitalization to hotels.

In the dialogue with Yunji Technology, when it comes to technology empowering traditional industries, Qian Li, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Landison Tourism Group, believes that the hotel industry does not belong to the traditional industry in the strict sense, it is more like a " Different from the traditional industry in the general sense, the "traditional" industry is more prominent in the value output with "people" as the main body. From the timeline, it can be seen intuitively that when most traditional hotels are still in the exploratory stage, Landison Tourism Group has already begun to experiment with digital transformation of hotels. In the aspect of robots in the hotel industry, in terms of technology-enabled hotels, LANDISON is undoubtedly at the forefront of the industry.

2. The robot industry in the hotel industry has achieved initial results, and it is easy to deal with the epidemic

The epidemic has swept the world. In the face of this sudden disaster, many traditional hotels have been in chaos for a while. Landison Tourism Group has begun to deploy digital hotel facilities and equipment as early as two years ago, and it is calm in the face of the outbreak. Through the delivery robot hotel in the digital facilities and equipment, it provides guests with a series of contactless services such as guiding the way and delivering goods intelligently, ensuring the safety of the guests.

In the post-epidemic era, the digital transformation of hotels has become an industry trend, and Landison Tourism Group has not slackened. Build a professional team for digital transformation and create a more complete digital ecosystem. In addition to responding to the epidemic and ensuring the safety of guests, the digital and intelligent ecosystem has effectively brought cost reduction, increased revenue, innovative gameplay, and efficient communication to the hotel. It has also brought about the liberation of labor-intensive and improved manufacturing efficiency and quality. At present, the digital reform and innovation of Landison Tourism Group on the three platforms of management and control platform, service operation platform and e-commerce marketing platform has achieved initial results, and it is gradually unifying and covering all member hotels, realizing regional shared management, unified standards and norms, and innovative research on the implantation of new digital applications in the industry.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of consumers and create a new future for the hotel industry, Landison Tourism Group uses technology to empower hotels to try, assist and discuss the digital transformation of hotels, and also improve the innovation and aesthetics of its own products. enough effort. Landison Tourism Group is using its hotels as carriers to integrate big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other high-tech into an organic ecosystem, to try to create innovative technology-based hotels in the minds of consumers. In the future, Landison Tourism Group will continue to take the road of hotel digital reform. The robots in the hotel industry will grow together with technology from the perspective of user experience by embracing technology, applying technology, and integrating technology, so as to embark on a digital road belonging to the hotel industry.

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