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Yunji Robot Boosts Hotel Operations with New Marketing Strategies


The China MCI Hotel Operations Summit, jointly held by hundreds of mainstream media across the country, Maidian Network, Brand China Strategic Planning Institute, and Maidian Research Institute for Commercial Space Asset Strategy Consulting Agency, was successfully held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Guangzhou. The Yunji Hotel Service Robot Butler RUN provided intelligent delivery services for over 500 hotel staff on-site, featuring flexible obstacle avoidance capabilities and convenient service experience, winning unanimous recognition from hotel staff. During the event, the Yunji Robot took on the task of delivering tea, snacks, and drinking water to on-site and outside spectators.

Keywords for Hotel Operations: Robot Butlers are a New Marketing Trend

"The new consumer trend is all about new audiences, new channels, new products, and new media." Shen Yi, General Manager of Kunming Huazhicheng Haosheng International Hotel, mentioned during his presentation that if the hotel's content does not match the changes in the new consumer trend and do not provide practical consumer incentives for customers, there will be significant problems with customer acquisition and retention.

In the eyes of Zhang Tian, COO of the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, the epidemic has brought about many changes, and the industry is also changing. "Our management, marketing channels, and guest consumption concepts are changing." He said that the challenges brought about by the technological advancement and changing consumer needs to the hotel industry are enormous. With OTA traffic remaining stable, how to establish the hotel's own self-selling platform, how to bring public domain traffic into private domain traffic, how to cultivate fans and members, including building groups, personalized services, and improving hotel safety issues in the post-epidemic era, all are the trend changes in the future of the industry.

Shanghai Anadi Hotel has designed many experiential scenarios to immerse consumers in their surroundings to create a unique IP combining services, products, language, time, location, characters, stories to create an immersive experience for customers. "What we sell is not just services and products, but also the scene created from a unique IP, inclusion of service, products, and language into a story’s time, location, and characters, and selling the scene to let customers immerse themselves in it, lingering on." said Zhu Xiaoyu, General Manager of Shanghai Anadi Hotel. Yes, when consumers encounter good products, they will surely take out their phones to take pictures because they have a large circle of friends behind them. They like to share, show off and satisfy the requirement for sharing. Without a doubt, Robot Butlers can promote hotel visibility and win more exposure, which is the way for continuous development of hotels in the future.

Technological Empowerment, Robot Butlers Help Hotels to Break Through and Win

As a pioneer of exploration and practice at the forefront of the times, Yunji Technology combines artificial intelligence technology with practical hotel application scenarios. It focuses on meeting the intelligence, efficiency, convenience, and digital management needs of hotel operations with user service value as its core. Through intelligentRobot Butler services, it reduces the workload of managers, who can focus on exploring "new marketing" competitiveness, and standing out in the same industry.

Robots can provide services 24-hours a day, and can not only handle delivery, takeout, guiding and other tasks for customer service centers and front desks but through the Yunji online mini program mall, it can also activate the hotel's own catering, thus increasing the hotel's catering department's revenue. During festive seasons, combined with marketing activities, it can bring different surprises to the customers, creating differentiated operating strategies for hotels.

Robot Butlers Help with New Marketing, Occupying the High Ground of Traffic

The Yunji Robot Butler service creates a perfect accommodation experience for guests and brings a "premium" feeling to the hotel's personalized service, activating the psychological needs of guests to "spread the word" through social sharing. The interaction between guests and robots increases their liking for the hotel, and the rate of positive reviews also increases. Data shows that after hotels use robots, there is a significant increase in their active comments and picture comments rates. Customers not only actively comment but also take photos of robots to share in their reviews. The intelligent services provided by the Yunji robot RUN has become one of the indispensable experience items for guests' stay at the hotel, and has allowed hotels to occupy the high ground of traffic in the new marketing environment and become a trendy destination for customers.

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