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The World Robot Conference has successfully concluded in Beijing. During the exhibition, Yunji Technology, as a technology-based enterprise specializing in the development of commercial service robots and artificial intelligence technology, showcased a range of intelligent service robots and hotel industry solutions and application cases. The company demonstrated its technological strength in robot chassis development and multi-domain penetration in the field of service robots, thanks to years of accumulation in indoor positioning and navigation, robot mobility, big data, and more.

Hotel robots are service elves, handling obstacle avoidance and deliveries

In the venue, Yunji's service robot "Run" flexibly moves around the booth, allowing visitors to experience and test its sensitivity and automatic obstacle avoidance function. "Run" is a commercial service robot that can independently ride in elevators, providing various services such as delivering items, leading the way, voice announcements, remote calls, and more. It is mainly used in hotels, office buildings, and other scenarios, providing retail, delivery, guidance, voice broadcasting, and roaming services, while taking on a large amount of repetitive errands to optimize manual services, enhance hotel customer satisfaction and attract OTA reviews with pictures. Voice broadcast to promote hotel promotions and other information increases non-room income and is highly praised by hotels and guests.

During the three-day exhibition, "Run" simulated the hotel scene, received customer needs, and got items by itself, as well as making phone calls independently, allowing visitors to experience high-quality services like hotel staff. As a highly practical, widely applicable, and high-value service robot product in the hotel industry, "Run" has attracted the attention of visitors. So far, Yunji's service robot "Run" has provided safe, convenient, and surprising service experiences to more than 100 million people.

Service robots are small experts in climbing hills and crossing ridges

As the only exhibitor in the venue demonstrating ramp and trench demonstrations, Yunji's robot platform's exciting "live show" has attracted media and visitors to take photos and watch. Under the guidance of Yunji's technical staff, customers from various intelligent commercial scenarios and technology companies witnessed the strength of the robot chassis "Water Drop" and "Cloud Ocean" climbing hills and crossing ridges on-site, which won high praise from the audience for its high stability obstacle avoidance function.

The two general-purpose intelligent mobile platforms displayed this time are wheeled robot platform products with complete and mature perception, cognition, and positioning navigation capabilities. They can independently plan paths and avoid obstacles, and multiple sensors can deal with obstacles of different heights, static, and moving obstacles. With multiple moving strategies, the platforms can handle different moving scenarios according to users' different demands, providing a one-stop intelligent mobile platform solution for commercial wheeled robot companies in various segmented markets. Currently, Yunji's service robot chassis has applied for more than 100 patents and has a technological strength of five years of actual scene application.

Service robots have high aesthetic value with fully skilled AI interpreters, capable of "seeing, hearing, speaking, and walking"

At the exhibition booth, the welcoming interpreter robot "Cloud Sail" integrates "explanation, demonstration, interaction, and leading" in one, breaking the traditional design of the presentation robot. With a stream-lined appearance and smooth, delicate, ancient design sense of lines, it follows the overall proportional design of the golden section line, attracting the attention of the audience.

The Yunji staff showed visitors the entire process of "Cloud Sail" cooperating with or replacing the interpreter to complete the explanation work, as well as interacting with customers to answer questions and provide inquiry services. This product is suitable for scenes such as enterprise exhibition halls, science and technology museums, museums, art galleries, courts, banks, sales offices, and 4S stores that can achieve unmanned automation services.

Currently, the technology of service robots is becoming increasingly mature and is gradually being implemented in multiple property space scenarios. Yunji Technology is willing to work with different leading companies in various field subdivisions to promote the development of the industry, explore the future of artificial intelligence and intelligent robot development, and promote the creation of common value.

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