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Closing Ceremony of World Robot Conference: Yunji under the Spotlight



  On September 13th, the 2021 World Robot Conference successfully concluded in Beijing. As a domestic company dedicated in commercial service robot application and R&D of artificial intelligence technology, Yunji Technology has demonstrated a variety of intelligent service robots, hotel solutions and applications at booth B-105 in the exhibition with years of experience in indoor positioning and navigation, robot movement, big data and other aspects,, fully exemplifying Yunji's technological edge in robot chassis R&D, and service robot, etc.

  Since the establishment in 2014, Yunji's cumulative number of intellectual property applications has exceeded 1,000, and its innovation index of third-party QCC has reached 446.6T. Also, Yunji was successively awarded the Beijing Top 100 in Scientific and Technological Innovation, Wu Wenjun Award for Artificial Intelligence Science & Technology, etc. The innovation capacity and patent number mark a leading level in the industry. Plus, the strategic partners of Yunji include renowned hardware enterprises and Internet giants, namely Huawei, Intel and other fortune 100 companies. At present, more than 10,000 domestic hotels have be equipped with Yunji’s service robots. And Yunji’s international clients cover more than 20 countries and regions such as in Europe, in America, South Korea, Japan and Thailand.

  During the exhibition, Yunji’s products have caught the focus and drew flocks of visitors and medias.

  Hotel Service Helper for Delivery

  Hotel Service Robot: RUN

  In the exhibition hall, hotel service robot “Run” moves about flexibly around the booth, allowing visitors to experience and test its sensitivity and obstacle-avoidance capability.

  “Run” is a commercial service robot that can ride elevators automatically and independently, functioning delivery, guiding, broadcast, and remote summoning, etc. Run series products are mainly used in hotels, office buildings and so on to provide retail, delivery, guidance, voice broadcast, cruise and other services. Besides, they have undertaken a large number of repetitive errands, optimizing efficiency and improving guest satisfaction, bringing in positive OTA reviews. In addition, broadcasting and promoting hotel information can also increase other types of revenue. On the whole, “Run” is extremely popular among hotels and guests.

  During the three-day exhibition, “Run” simulated the scene of receiving guest demands. By independently picking up item(s) and guest dialing, guests could experience high-quality service just as hotel staff can offer. “Run” has attracted the attention of many visitors as an innovative product with extensive application scenes, strong practicability and high commercial value. Up to now, Yunji’s service robot “Run” has offered safe, convenient and surprising robot service experience to over 100 million guests.

  Flexible Movement around Slope and Obstacle

  General Intelligent Service Platform “Water” and “Yunhai”

  As the only exhibitor setting slope and ditch scenes in the venue, the wonderful live show of Yunji robot chassis attracted a great many of media and visitors.

  With the explanation of Yunji staff, clients from various intelligent business scenes and technology companies witnessed the slope-climbing and ditch-crossing of chassis robots "Water" and "Yunhai", and their stable obstacle-avoidance function won unanimous praise from the visitors.

  The two general intelligent service platforms displayed are wheeled robot platforms with complete and mature sensing, cognition, positioning and navigation capabilities. They can even plan routes and avoid obstacles autonomously. Besides, multi-sensors allow them to deal with static and moving obstacles in different heights, and generate different movement strategies. In different movement scenes and for different movement demands, Yunji is able to provide one-stop solution of intelligent service platform for companies dedicated to commercial wheeled robots in various market segments. Currently, Yunji robot chassis products have been applied for more than 100 patents, achieving its five-year technological experience in practical scenes.

  AI Guide Capable to Look, Listen, Speak and Move

  Interactive Guiding Robot: Sail


  During the exhibition, interactive guiding robot “Sail” concentrating functions of “explanation, demonstration, interaction and guiding” has been noticed by almost all the visitors because of its novel design: elegant streamlined body, traditional Chinese style and golden ratio.

  The staff of Yunji demonstrated the whole process of “Sail” conducting explanation work in the place of docents, as well as interaction and Q&A. This model is suitable for enterprise exhibition halls, science museums, general museums, art galleries, courthouses, banks, sales offices, 4S shops and other scenes in need of unmanned automatic service.

  Based on Yunji’s independent chassis R&D technology, “Sail” can not only move around flexibly, but also connect with various facilities. In addition, the automatic return of “Sail” to charging-hub allows it to provide 24/7 service. Visitors asked some questions on the application of "Sail" in different scenes and human-robot interaction, Yunji gave an extensive explanation on SDK customized system which suits multi-environment application.

  AI Helper Benefitting Operation and Efficiency

  Hotel Digital Operation System

  Currently, digital operation has become a must for hotels. Hotel clients are more likely to purchase intelligent equipment came to Yunji's booth for consultation. With the help of Yunji's staff, they simulated various scenes of demand with the AI helper, allowing them to match their needs for service with Yunji's products in practical scenes.

  Hotel Digital Operation System (HDOS) can complete AI response of guest phone call, smart task assignment, independent delivery (robot+ intelligent vending machine), reconstructing hotel service process, reducing 90% repetitive workload such as inquiry and delivery, thus achieving comprehensive digitalization and guiding operation decision-making. A complete set of HDOS system includes AI customer service, in-room service applet, delivery robot, intelligent vending machine and auxiliary notification hardware, matching all kinds of services hotels offer. HDOS can effectively reduce repetitive work for staff, fully achieve hotels digitalization and guide operation decision-making.

  Zhang, a hotel manager from Xinjiang, said “AI helper is pragmatic for our hotels with a huge amount of incoming calls, because it can free up our staff from most repetitive work.”

  “The service robot developed by Yunji Technology is currently serving the largest number of hotels in the country. It’s very competitive both in functions and appearance after experiencing it myself.” Zhao, a hotel manager from Guangdong, said after experiencing HDOS on site.

  In recent years, digital development has become a trend for tech companies. In the trend of "intelligence", service robots sped up the process of technological development. By converging AI and human-robot interaction, service robots are currently seen in more scenes with more functions. With the rapid development in domestic service robot industry, service robots are being paid more attention in the post-pandemic era.

  At present, service robot technology has been mature, gradually landing in all kinds of scenes. Yunji technology is willing to collaborate with leading enterprises in different segments to jointly promote the development of the whole industry, and explore the future of AI and intelligent robot, so as to create common value.

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